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Value added rice. Except for the colour—which we hope will become increasingly attractive to many people over time—the only difference between common rice and Golden Rice is that the latter produces and accumulates provitamin A (β-carotene) in the grain.

There is plenty of information spread over the Golden Rice web site. On this page you will find some compiled, downloadable, and relevant documents.

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  • Golden Rice flyer pdf by the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board.

  • Dr Adrian Dubock: "The present status of Golden Rice"pdf (2014) in the Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Dr Adrian Dubock: "The politics of Golden Rice" pdf (2014) in GM Crops & Food
  • Prof Ingo Potrykus: "From the Concept of Totipotency to Biofortified Cereals" pdf (2015) in Annual Reviews of Plant Biology
  • The author is pleased to provide you complimentary one-time access to his Annual Reviews article, by clicking the link above, for your own personal use. Any further/multiple distribution, publication, or commercial usage of this copyrighted material requires submission of a permissison request addressed to the Copyright Clearance Center ("
  • Kurze Zusammenfassung über Golden Rice pdf
  • Dr Adrian Dubock, Golden Rice Project Manager, interviewed by the Brazilian Council of Biotechnology Information (CIB) pdf
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  • Proceedings of the Bertebos Conference 2008 with the theme "Golden Rice and other Biofortified food Crops for Developing Countries pdf — potential and challenges", held in Falkenberg, Sweden, on 8-9 September 2008.

  • Presentation by Prof Ingo Potrykus at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, March 2005 «Golden Rice, vitamin A and blindness — Public responsibility and failure» pdf

  • Presentation by Prof Ingo Potrykus at BioVision, Lyon, April 2005 «Is GMO regulation costing lives » pdf

  • Presentation by Dr Adrian Dubock at the ICABR Conference in Ravello, Italy, July 2005. «Golden Rice — the Partitioning of Influence» pdf and the corresponding slides to the presentation. pdf

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  • Compilation: Literature on Golden Rice and provitamin A, by Klaus Ammann.  pdf